JIB Con 2011 - Misha ask J2 a question

29. června 2011 v 21:40 | Lola |  - J2 videos
Oh, these guys.. :D

Misha: Hello ... when you guys working with Misha Collins is it an inspiration?
Jared: I can't see who ask that question.
Jensen: I can't really see you, but just continue the question.
Jared: He is not an inspiration.
Misha: I mean, obviously it's so nice to be around the guy who is such a great actor. Anyways I mean every day so much learning you are learning so much from him and so inspired by his inteligence and his handsomeness. So I wanted to ask you uhm.. what is it that working with Misha makes you learn the most and what is it that you hate the most about yourself?
Jensen: Ehm ... that's a very interesting que...
Misha: If you want I can give you some ideas.
Jensen: That's a very interesting question. Where are you from? I haven't a place for you accent.
Misha: India-Russia.
Jensen: India-Russia?!
Misha: It's on the border of India and Russia.
Jensen: That's a big part of the world. I will say that I've never been there, but I hear that the people there are not very attractive.
Jared: I think the show got worse with Misha on
Misha: NO..


1 Patty Patty | Web | 30. června 2011 v 15:49 | Reagovat

lol, oni jsou úžasní :-D :-D

2 Kelly Kelly | Web | 30. června 2011 v 16:28 | Reagovat

ROTFL :D :D jsou boží

3 valleria valleria | Web | 30. června 2011 v 16:31 | Reagovat

Oni mají hodně často takové fanouškovské srazy, že? :D ale tohle mě ovšem pobavilo pořádně :D

4 Myška369 Myška369 | Web | 30. června 2011 v 21:31 | Reagovat

jééé =)

5 L.o.u L.o.u | Web | 4. července 2011 v 18:49 | Reagovat

Tak tohle je hodně dobrý :D:D

6 Elle Elle | Web | 1. srpna 2011 v 13:57 | Reagovat

:DDDDD ježiši to je božíí video jak nakonci že show je s Mishou horší a Misha NO :DDD ale jak to řekl ježiši to je úžasný video :DD

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